1st Baptismal Font

1st Baptismal Font

Upon the completion of the building, furnishings were supplied by both church members and those not affiliated with the church. There were donations of pews by the Ladies Aid Society, windows by individual members as well as the Sunday School, and a beautiful baptismal font by Rev. and Mrs. Henry Beutler. The congregation also received the gift of a pipe organ offered by Concordia Lutheran Church, Rochester.
Although Pastor Schulz began confirmation instruction much sooner, the first photo in our possession is from 1931.

1931 Confirmation Class

1st Pastor

1st Pastor

On September 26, 1922, a call was extended to Rev. Henry D. Schulz of Milwaukee, WI, to be Bethlehem’s first pastor. He was installed on January 2, 1923. Pastor Schulz’s wife, Minnie, served as both the organist and choir director. Pastor Schulz and Minnie, had six children, Dorothy, Paul, Ruth, and Elsie; two sons, Hartwig and Henry, died in infancy.  The family lived in the parsonage at 40 Perrin St.
In 1936, after serving Bethlehem for 15 years, Pastor Schulz accepted a call in Sugar Grove, WV.

Pastor Schulz’s family

1920s Choir


50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

In 1972, BLC celebrated its 50th anniversary. A Reunion Dinner, catered by the Ladies of Bethlehem Lutheran Church Plank Rd., was held at the church on Saturday, January 21,
On Sunday, October 22, BLC celebrated with an Anniversary Communion Service which included a noon luncheon and a closing worship at 3 pm. Participating clergy were current Pastor Jorgensen, and former Pastors Tejan, Adler, Roesener, and Rehkopf.

Associate Pastors

Rev. Craig Satterlee

Rev. Craig Satterlee was BLC’s first Associate Pastor, serving from 1987-1990, when he accepted a call at Holy Nativity Lutheran Church in Endicott, NY. Rev. Julie Bergdahl followed from 1991-1994. Jane Floy, an Associate in Ministry, spent most of her time working with the youth. Rev. Korey Finstad was called as Associate Pastor in 2005, with his focus also on the youth. He served until 2012, when he left for Christ the King Lutheran Church in Denver Co. Upon Pastor Garner’s retirement in 2008, Rev. David Connor was appointed BLC’s Intentional Interim Pastor, serving until 2010.

Rev. Julie Bergdahl

Rev. Korey Finstad

Jane Floy

Rev. David Connor

Bethlehem Entrances

BLC 1941

In the early 1950s, the front doors of the church were replaced with new doors, each one containing a cross window. To this day, no one knows what became of the original windows which had graced the entrance since 1923. The sign on the lawn was installed sometime in the 1940s.

1950 – New cross window front doors



On Sunday, August 20, 1922, the congregation gathered to witness the laying of the cornerstone. Three services were held, led by Rev. Henry Schulz. Rev. Dr. Carl N. Conrad, pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church, Rochester, delivered the sermon, with Rev. Beutler, brother-in-law of Pastor Schulz, and Rev. Stender assisting. Mr. Carl Duwe, a seminarian, presided at the organ. A copper box containing a history of the church and other books and documents, was concealed in the cornerstone. The congregation numbered 100 members. The completed church building and furnishings were consecrated and dedicated on March 11, 1923.
A parsonage on Perrin St. was purchased on November 14,1922 as residence for Pastor Schulz and his family.

1922 Cornerstone

1922 Parsonage on Perrin Street

BLC Choir Directors

Between 1967 and 1977, Robert C Meadows, J. Carl Vollbracht, and Grace Trebert served as choir director as well as organist.  O. Matthew Lyder directed the Adult Choir from 1968-1971.

Robert C. Meadows

J. Carl Vollbracht

Grace Trebert

O. Matthew Lyder

BLC Church Council

2020 Church Council

Council members are elected by the congregation and may serve a maximum of two three-year terms.  Beginning in 2016, a commitment was made to include a youth member to ensure that they had a voice in leadership.

BLC Confirmation Classes

Catechetical instruction begins for youth when they enter 6th grade and continues through 8th grade, culminating in the Affirmation of Baptism on Pentecost Sunday. This step on their faith journey serves to both strengthen their relationship with God and grow in faith.


2019 – Pastor Hoffman & Pastor Amy

2018 – Pastor Hoffman


2017 – Pastor Hoffman

2016 – Pastor Hoffman

BLC Groups

Groups for women and men, such as Men of Bethlehem (MOB), Mid-Week Bible Study, Men’s Breakfast, Quilters, Ruth Circle, Breadbreakers, LYLAS, and Women’s Fellowship, offer opportunities for service, fellowship, and spiritual growth.


Ladies retreat

Brunch Church

Ladies Night Out

Bible Study