How does Virtual Worship Work?

We share worship on Sunday at 8:30 am (or a time convenient for you) through our website, Facebook, and YouTube. Weekly worship encourages full participation through singing, reading, and praying. You are welcome to participate fully by following an order for worship or just take in the experience through your senses. Even if you’ve never been to Bethlehem in person, we welcome your presence in worship. If you’re new to worship with us or you have something you wish to communicate with the office or pastor, please complete the web form (scroll down on the page to find it).
What if I’m not on Facebook?
You do NOT need to have a Facebook account in order to see what is posted on this page, including Livestream worship. Click on the link above and scroll down to the “posts.” (You DO need an account if you would like to comment on the page or interact in any way.)
How and when do you share Communion?
While we are in the midst of a global pandemic, we are inviting people to the sanctuary on the first Sunday of the month to receive Communion. We encourage you to watch the livestream liturgy at 8:30 am and then make your way to Bethlehem before 11 am to receive the Lord’s Supper. Pastor Amy has created this video to walk you through what to expect when you come to Bethlehem for communion.
  • Is worship suitable for all ages?

    Our congregation includes many generations and children are invited to participate in worship along with their parents, grandparents, or other caring adults.  We believe that children learn to worship by being in worship, and
    we try each week to focus some aspect of worship specifically for children, often through a children’s message.  In our Ready for Worship emails each week we provide coloring sheets or special bulletins, with age-appropriate activities that connect to the theme of the day.

  • Is the church accessible?

    There is an electric lift just inside the street level entrance on Perrin Street.

    Is the church accessible?

  • How do I get to Bethlehem Lutheran Church?

  • How will I know what to say and do?

    The whole order for service is printed in a bulletin which is available each week on our website and sent in a Ready for Worship email each week, making it easy to take part and follow even for someone new to the Lutheran Church.  We include songs and hymns in the bulletin so you can participate from home.

    How will I know what to say and do?

  • What happens in worship?

    We gather with God’s people.  We confess our sins and hear God’s promise of forgiveness.  We communicate our joys, concerns, praise and thanksgiving with God through prayer and song.  We hear about what God has done through reading from Scripture and through preaching.  We commit ourselves to serving God as we leave worship. We trust that God is present when we gather together in the name of Christ!

  • When will in-person worship resume?

    When we can do so safely, we will begin to gather together as a community of faith. We will follow the best practice and guidelines provided by our local and state governments to allow people to gather while maintaining physical distance and minimizing contact with other people and surfaces. Even when we begin gathering in person, we intend to continue offering livestream options so that people can continue participating in worship from remote locations.

    When will in-person worship resume?