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Rev. Herman Emil Jorgensen Jr

Rev. Herman Emil Jorgensen Jr. was installed in 1967, having come from Branchville, NJ, where he served as a mission organizer. He and his wife Dagny, had three sons Erik, Erling, and Rolf. During Pastor Jorgensen’s tenure, BLC celebrated the 25th anniversary of his ordination.
In 1967, the three parcels of land belonging to BLC were merged into one unit in anticipation of a much-needed building expansion. In 1969 the congregation voted to secure plans for a new parish education and office wing. In 1970-71 the former Parish House and parsonage were demolished to make way for the new addition to serve a growing congregation, as baptized membership had reached 669. The completed project was dedicated on September 21, 1971.
Pastor Jorgensen was the first pastor to be given a housing allowance.  He and his family purchased a home near Fairport High School and the parsonage was rented to provide additional income. In 1975, he accepted a call and returned to his native Minnesota.

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