Help spread the love by sending Valentine Greetings!

Each year, we like to remember our homebound members and friends with Valentines. This year, we’d like to extend the reach of these greetings to others in the congregation – including the youngest in our community!  We have a list of folks all ages who we think would love to hear from you!  To facilitate this, we have created an online sign-up page. This is a simple way to extend the love of God to others in the Bethlehem community. If you would be willing to send valentines this year, please sign up and we will get a list of names to you!  We can also provide valentines, labels and postage if you wish. Everyone really appreciates being remembered, and it’s a nice way to show our LOVE. As always, you are also encouraged to send your own greetings to the BLC community members that you are thinking of and missing!