Children’s Message 3-14-21

FAITH5 Weekly Family Study

SHARE your highs and lows

READ John 3:14-21

TALK about these discussion questions for “Looking for Jesus in the shadows”:

  • What is something you are afraid of or worried about? Tell us about a time when this fear took over your imagination.
  • Why do you think our imaginations sometimes keep us in those shadows?
  • What can we do in those moments to feel God’s love, light and presence? Try to name three different things.
  • How can you be Christ’s Light to others who are spending too much time in their shadows?


God of cleansing and rest, we come to you with hearts that seek your spirit and lives that need your presence. Be with all those who walk in darkness and show us how to be your light. Amen

BLESS Let your light shine so that the love of God is everywhere!

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