FAITH5 Weekly Family Study

SHARE your highs and lows

READ Ephesians 1:15-23 and Matthew 25:31-46

TALK about the seasons of the church year.

  • How many seasons of the church year can you name? Can you name them in order? Do you know what colors we use in church during those times?
  • Why does the church year calendar get represented by a circle?
  • What are some of the words the scriptures for this week use in describing Jesus? How will those words change at Christmas?
  • After you have read the Matthew text, talk about some of the ways your family has met Jesus in the form of others this church year and how you responded to those people. Would you change anything for the church year coming up? Can you set some “New Years’ Service Resolutions” for your family based on the Matthew text?

PRAY Never ending God, thank you for your story that keeps going. Thank you for your love that is with us and keeps going. Show us how to follow Jesus in all the days of our calendars and all the days of our lives. Amen

BLESS May you know God’s circle of love and never ending life.

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