november, 2021

nov100th Anniversary - All month - November 2021Month Long Event (november) Event Type :100th Anniversary

Event Details

11 Interactive Self-paced BLC Computer Programs in Narthex

On 7 computer workstations



Take family photo for church directory in downstairs meeting room




Visit display of old BLC recipe books, devotional booklets, Tidbits, choir CDs, BLC Storybook, Visitor Bios and new Anniversary Woven Throw to place your on-demand orders





Pick up your copy of the Anniversary History Album and Historical Timeline – one each per family – in front of the Anniversary Bulletin Board in Narthex



Anniversary Keepsakes sent to Zimbabwe congregation


Anniversary Tree in Narthex – represents anniversary theme – Rooted – Growing – Sharing



Month Long Event (november)


Bethlehem Lutheran Church


BLC 100th Anniversary Committee