Worship on May 17 – Sixth Sunday of Easter

May 15, 2020

“Those who sing, pray twice.” These words, often attributed to Martin Luther, were first voiced by Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan in the 4th Century. Our ancestors in faith have passed on psalms, hymns and spiritual songs from one generation to the next. We continue this tradition of sharing and singing songs of faith on this Music Sunday. In our music we give voice to our prayers and offer our praise to our Lord who walks with us in all things!

Lessons for this Sunday, May 17:  Acts 17:22-31;  Psalm 66:8-20;  1 Peter 3:13-22;  John 14:15-21

Lessons for next Sunday, May 24:  Acts 1: 6-14;  Psalm 68: 1-10, 32-35;  1 Peter 12: 1-14; 5: 6-11;  John 17: 1-11

Altar Flowers:  The plant on the altar this week reminds us of the ways that we grow in Christ through worship in the gifts of water and word, bread and wine. Do you enjoy seeing flowers on the altar? Flowers may be donated to memorialize or celebrate a special event or person. Sign up in the Flower Book found in the literature rack in the narthex or contact the church office (223-0634) to place your order.

Welcome to Our Visitors:  To thank you for coming, please pick up a BLC visitor mug containing some goodies and more information about who we are from the shelf above the literature rack in the narthex. Also, we encourage our members to take a mug to a new neighbor or friend as a way to introduce them to our church.

Children are welcome and encouraged to participate in worship.  Our PrayGround, located under the Good Shepherd window in the sanctuary, is designed to help young children interact more fully with worship.  If you have a child age 3 or under, we invite you to sit in a pew or on the floor and let your children play out what they are noticing in worship.  Soft toys, books, and crayons are provided.  This space was created to meet the needs of the youngest among us.  If you feel a need for another space for your little one to wiggle, the nursery with a changing table and bathroom, is available for your use.  The sound from the sanctuary is piped in, enabling you to hear the service.

Worship includes the weekly celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Gathering regularly around Word and Sacrament is central to our identity as God’s people. Christ comes to us in many ways, but we are assured of His presence in the bread and wine. In the meal of Holy Communion, we receive a tangible reminder of God’s love and forgiveness and become the body of Christ for the world.

Hospitality at the Table of Our Lord:  The communion table is the place where we are united in the participation of receiving the sacrament when we gather for worship. It is important that we are gracious hosts at this table, and for that reason we offer grape juice as an alternative to wine so that all people can receive both the bread and cup. By offering gluten-free wafers and a non-alcoholic option for the cup, we are practicing the radical hospitality that Jesus offers to all of us, especially in the form of his own body and blood. If you would prefer to receive juice instead of wine, please let the assisting minister or communion assistant know. If you have any questions, please speak with Pastor Hoffman or Pastor Amy.

In Our Weekly Prayers during worship, we especially remember those who have a new or acute need for prayer. Our monthly Prayer Letter names those with an ongoing need for prayer, including those who are homebound or with long-term health concerns. Copies of the current Prayer Letter are available in the literature rack in the narthex. If you have a name to add to our Prayer Letter, please email prayers@blcfairport.org or call the church office at 223-0634.