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Pastoral Letter from Pastor Hoffman on 9/1/2020

https://blcfairport.s3.amazonaws.com/AZH+Sermon+for+Website.mp4 Pastor Hoffman’s Sermon August 30, 2020 As we begin fall, we continue to live into team ministry for this new season. Last week a letter was sent to BLC Members. Pastor Hoffman will be taking vacation through September 30 and then step into a role of resource pastor beginning in October. Pastor Amy will […]

Preparing for Worship 9/6/2020

As we prepare for worship this weekend, consider reading this week’s lessons along with this reflection to ground yourself in the Word.  This reflection comes from sundaysandseasons.com and is also printed on the back of the worship bulletin. Called to Community Jesus says, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” […]

Preparing for Worship 8/30/2020

Are you all tired of COVID separation? Are you wishing we could get back to unrestricted corporate worship? Are you missing singing? I know I am, all of the above. We have all had to find ways to stay sane, to keep the faith, and to connect with each other. Three different book studies have […]

Preparing for worship 8/23/2020

Reflection from Pastor Hoffman: I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be the body of Christ lately, when we have been disembodied for six months. For half of a year, we have gathered only in the virtual world. We have been images on a screen to one another, not flesh and blood, […]

Preparing for Worship on 8/16/2020

Reflection from Pastor Hoffman: The voice of persistence.  The voice who demands attention.  The voice who will not be silenced.  The voice who will not compromise or settle. The airwaves are filled with voices like this. Voices that are hailed as leaders, change-makers, even prophets – at least when we agree with them.  Voices that […]

Preparing for Worship 7/26/2020

Reflection from Pastor Hoffman: This week’s Scripture includes the foundation of the Christian life. (Mark 12:28-31) One of the scribes asks Jesus: Which commandment is the greatest?  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. Most of us know […]

Preparing for Worship: 7/19/2020

When you hear the word “compassion,” what comes to mind? I think of compassion in terms of kindness, gentleness, care, concern…I don’t usually think of compassion in terms of bravery.  But that’s exactly what this week’s focus on Cultivating Compassion invites us to consider: Compassion helps us be brave. I’ve heard it said that becoming […]

Preparing for Worship: 7/12/2020

Reflection from Pastor Amy: Years ago, I learned about the idea of God’s character. A friend I knew grounded his work in the notion that God’s character was visible in the pages of scripture – God is love, God is generous, God is gracious, God is giving, God is merciful. My friend would read scripture […]

Preparing for Worship: 6/28/2020

The book of Acts has much to teach us about being a church without walls, and this week’s reading is no exception.  The church without walls moves beyond the comfortable, familiar surrounds and into the world.  That’s how the apostle Paul ends up in Athens, addressing the philosophers and testifying to the “God who made […]