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FAITH5 Weekly Family Study SHARE your highs and lows READ Mark 13: 24 – 37 TALK these discussion questions: How does our church “get ready” for Christmas? How does our family “get ready” for Christmas? How can I “get ready” for Christmas? PRAY Dear God, Please help us “get ready” for Jesus’s life and teachings so that we […]


FAITH5 Weekly Family Study SHARE your highs and lows READ Ephesians 1:15-23 and Matthew 25:31-46 TALK about the seasons of the church year. How many seasons of the church year can you name? Can you name them in order? Do you know what colors we use in church during those times? Why does the church year […]


FAITH5 Weekly Family Study SHARE your highs and lows READ Jeremiah 29 1-7 TALK about the questions below:      What do you love in your house?      How does it make you feel when you see it?      How can you show that God is with you in your house? PRAY Dear God, Be in […]


FAITH5 Weekly Family Study SHARE your highs and lows READ Matthew 5:1-12 TALK about All Saints Sunday How many generations can you name in your family? Do you have pictures of them? What family members have helped you form your faith? In what ways did they help? Are there other “saints” in your life that have helped you […]


FAITH5 Weekly Family Study SHARE your highs and lows READ Ephesians 2:8-9 TALK about the story using questions like How does it make you feel knowing God loves us no matter what? If God will love us no matter what, does that mean we don’t need to be a good person? If God loves us no matter what, […]


FAITH5 Weekly Family Study SHARE your highs and lows READ Luke 19:1-10 TALK about the story using questions like How was Zacchaeeus changed? What would it be like for Jesus to stay at your house? What will you do with the time, money and stuff that you save to give to others? or any questions […]

Pastoral Letter from Pastor Hoffman on 9/1/2020

https://blcfairport.s3.amazonaws.com/AZH+Sermon+for+Website.mp4 Pastor Hoffman’s Sermon August 30, 2020 As we begin fall, we continue to live into team ministry for this new season. Last week a letter was sent to BLC Members. Pastor Hoffman will be taking vacation through September 30 and then step into a role of resource pastor beginning in October. Pastor Amy will […]

Preparing for Worship 9/6/2020

As we prepare for worship this weekend, consider reading this week’s lessons along with this reflection to ground yourself in the Word.  This reflection comes from sundaysandseasons.com and is also printed on the back of the worship bulletin. Called to Community Jesus says, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” […]

Preparing for Worship 8/30/2020

Are you all tired of COVID separation? Are you wishing we could get back to unrestricted corporate worship? Are you missing singing? I know I am, all of the above. We have all had to find ways to stay sane, to keep the faith, and to connect with each other. Three different book studies have […]