What to expect on a typical Sunday

A typical Sunday worship service encourages the congregation’s full participation through singing, reading and praying. You are welcome to engage as you feel comfortable or just watch, listen and learn.

Here are a few things you may be wondering about:

Are there many children in worship?  We have a vibrant, multi-generational congregation.  There are often dozens of children who share in worship each week.  Children are important in the life of our church family and we enjoy and welcome them fully in the life of the congregation. During worship, children are encouraged to join us in singing hymns and praying.  Most weeks, we also have a sermon oriented directly to children.  Children receive a special bulletin, with age-appropriate activities that connect to theme of the day.  Activity bags are also available from the ushers if your child is restless.

Do I have to bring my children into worship?  While we welcome and encourage children in worship, we also have a children’s nursery just outside of the sanctuary, staffed by volunteers in during our 8:30 am worship services.  You may leave your child in the nursery to fully engage in your worship experience.  If you’d rather keep your child with you, the narthex (area just outside the sanctuary) is also a good place for some wiggle room with a fussy child.  There are speakers to hear and glass doors to see what’s happening in the sanctuary.

Is the church handicapped accessible? Our church is accessible to people with disabilities. There is an elevator at street level directly adjacent to the main entrance of the church on Perrin Street.

For directions and parking information, see the “Parking/Directions” page here.

Will anyone notice me?  Do I have to stand up and introduce myself?  Upon arriving at the church, a greeter will meet you at the door with a friendly smile and a “Good Morning” and is there to answer any questions you might have about getting around the church facility.  Otherwise, you can be as anonymous as you would like.  We would love the opportunity to get to know you better, though, so please consider introducing yourself to a Pastor as you leave worship.

How will I know what to say and do?  The whole order for service is printed in the bulletin, making it easy to take part and follow even for someone new to the Lutheran Church.  Hymns are typically found in the red hymnal in the pew.

What happens in worship?  We gather with God’s people.  We confess our sins and hear God’s promise of forgiveness.  We communicate our joys, concerns, praise and thanksgiving with God through prayer and song.  We hear about what God has done through reading from Scripture and through preaching.  We are fed by God’s meal of bread and wine.  We commit ourselves to serving God as we leave worship.

What about Holy Communion?  All are welcome to share in Christ’s meal of forgiveness and grace.  Children who do not yet commune are welcome to come forward for a blessing.  (If you feel your child is ready to receive or have additional questions, please speak with one of our Pastors.) You can find additional notes about the Sacrament in the service portion of the bulletin on the day that you worship. The ushers will direct those in your pew to the front of the church for Communion at an appropriate time.

 I’ve heard that Lutherans like to drink coffee.  Will you have coffee?  Between the two worship services during the school year, and after the worship service during the summer, we invite you to join us for a cup of coffee or tea or lemonade and a donut (or sometimes even ice cream sundaes after worship on Thursday nights in the summer!).  A casual, friendly atmosphere lets visitors and guests interact and socialize with others in the congregation.