This Sunday at BLC

Sunday, November 12, 2017 – Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost

It was just a few weeks ago that, when tested by the Pharisees, Jesus summarized the Law in two simple commandments:  Love God and love your neighbor.  For most of our lives we have been taught these two commandments.  We know what is asked.  We know what is required.  We know that these are important and that our lives would be rich and full if we acted on these two commandments.  Yet we are busy.  Our lives are filled with urgent things.  We are distracted.  We leave these important things and take care of the immediate challenges we face.

This week Jesus tells us about ten women.  They, too, know that in preparation for the wedding banquet, two things are required – lamps and oil to sustain the light.  Two simple things.  Now, they were all busy, all had many things that were urgent, and oil was easy to get.  After all, the banquet is off in the future.  Yet, when the groom arrives, the wise women had acted on the commandments, but the foolish had put the urgent before the important.  And the tragic consequence was that the foolish women were not able to attend the banquet, not able to understand the joy of living by the commandments.

Unfortunately, like the oil, love for our neighbor cannot be borrowed.  I can learn from others. I can witness the example of others.  However, in the end, I must love God and my neighbor.  It is up to me.  It is up to us as individuals and a community of believers.  No one can do it for us.

We know that we are to love God and love our neighbor.  Are we wise enough to act now to partake in the joy that comes from living a life that comes from following these commandments?  Am I wise enough to Worship the living God, Grow in Faith and Discipleship, Live my Faith in daily life, Care for one Another, and Serve my neighbor now – today?  Am I wise enough to begin to enjoy the banquet Jesus has prepared?  Are you?  The bridegroom awaits our decision.

“Come Lord Jesus.  Forgive us our debts.  Give us the wisdom and strength to live by your teaching, so that we are ready.  We humbly await your banquet.  Amen”

John P.