The Pastor Is In…

This calendar will help you to know which days the BLC staff is working under our flexible new Shared Ministry model.

  • Pastor Hoffman’s normal work days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Pastor Amy’s normal work days are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Beth is in the church office weekdays from 9AM until noon. In the summer, Beth is in the church office on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

You will see these hours on the Staff Calendar below, color coded so that you can see work days at a glance. If someone is working an extra day during a given week, that will be shown here as well. There are times when staff members will not be working on one of their typical days; this is indicated by a darker shade of the same color.
Staff calendar color codes
On work days, Pastors attend meetings, call on the sick and shut-in, provide counseling, engage with the larger church, work in the office and otherwise serve the people of BLC. Please call or email to check on times if you need to see one of the Pastors in the office.