Worship at BLC

Sep 21, 2014

Altar Flowers:  The Altar Flowers are given in grateful appreciation for Lori N.’s years of service to the following groups:  Ruth Circle, Women’s Fellowship, Mid- Week Bible Study, and Barnabas Ministry.  If you are interested in purchasing altar flowers for a future Sunday, please complete a form in the flower book located under the nametags on the kiosk near the library.

Last Week’s Attendance:  Early ~ 183;  Late ~ 77

Next Week’s Lessons:  Ezekiel 18:1–4, 25–32;  Philippians 2:1–13;  Matthew 21:23–32 

Welcome to our visitors today:  To thank you for coming, please pick up a BLC Visitor Mug with some goodies and more information about who we are on the table in the narthex.  Also, we encourage our members to take a mug to a new neighbor or friend as a way to introduce them to our church.

Childcare is available at BLC  every Sunday morning for children through age 3.  The nursery is staffed by volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Donna McP.   We strive to have two volunteers in the nursery each week.  Youth are welcome and encouraged to serve along with an adult.