The Co-Pastor Call Process

Jan 04, 2017


With the congregation’s affirmation of the Team Ministry model at the October Annual Meeting, the Search and Call Committee (SAC) continues to meet weekly.  We’re working closely with the Bishop’s office to identify candidates for the Pastoral position.  We are also developing a plan to initiate a search process for the Director of Faith Formation.  Because we do not expect that this position will be an ordained leader, we will need to advertise the Director of Faith Formation position and solicit candidates on our own.  We hope to move quickly on this position, as well, after securing a pastoral candidate.

The flowchart found here describes the process for calling a Co-Pastor and approving the new terms of Pastor Hoffman’s call.  The first few steps have been completed.  The Ministry Site Profile (MSP) describes our congregation, community, mission and vision, and what characteristics and skills we are seeking in a pastoral candidate.

The next steps will be:

–>The SAC meets with the Bishop to discuss the MSP and specifics about the call process.

–>The finalized MSP is posted on the ELCA website. (Interested candidates are welcomed and encouraged to contact the Bishop’s office to be considered.)

–>Bishop recommends appropriate candidate(s).

–>The synod Dean arranges a neutral location for the SAC to interview the candidate and hear them preach.

–>The SAC prayerfully decides whether this candidate is the best match for BLC.  If yes, the candidate meets Pastor Hoffman.

–>The SAC interviews both Pastor Hoffman and the candidate to assess the fit.  If yes, an addendum describing the specific plan for sharing the duties and responsibilities of the job description for the Office of Pastor will be developed.  This addendum will also define specific areas of accountability and expectations for office hours and Sunday worship responsibilities for each Pastor.

–>The SAC recommends both Pastor Hoffman and the new candidate to Council as the pastoral team.

–>Council finalizes compensation packages for both Pastors, any necessary changes to Pastor Hoffman’s terms of call, and the job description for the Office of Pastor with the addendum.  Council must vote to approve both the new candidate’s call and the change of terms to Pastor Hoffman’s call.

–>If approved, Council calls a Congregational Meeting and the final decision will be decided by a congregational vote for both Pastors.  The congregation meets candidate at a social function and then hears the candidate preach and lead worship.

–>Our process is complete when the candidate is called by a 2/3 majority vote of the congregation and is accepted by the candidate and the congregation affirmatively votes on the changes to the terms of Pastor Hoffman’s call as agreed to by the Council and Pastor Hoffman.

–>Co-Pastors are installed!

NOTE:  The SAC will remain involved and provide support to the Co-Pastors during the transitional period.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the call process, please contact any of the SAC members at any time:  Bob A., Paul B., Kari B., Jeff DeV., Beth G., Judy L., Laurie P., John S., and Ruth S., and Pastor Paul E. Shoop – Pastoral Consultant.