Welcome to the Search & Call Committee Process

Jan 12, 2017

Click here to view a flowchart illustrates the Search and Call Committee’s process for calling a co-pastor and approving the new terms of Pastor Hoffman’s call. The steps highlighted in yellow have been completed. After receiving potential candidate names from the Bishop, the Call committee will select one candidate and go through the interview and discernment process for that selected candidate.

If you have questions about the call process or the committee’s progress, you can contact either one of the SAC committee co-chairs. The SAC committee members are: Bob Anderson (co-chair), Paul Bornemann, Kari Buescher, Jeff DeVoesick, Beth Gerhardt, Judy Lohr (co-chair), Laurie Perry, John Salvador, and Ruth Sleeman with Pastor Paul E. Shoop serving as the Pastoral Consultant.