This Sunday in Worship

Dec 01, 2019

Where do you wait?

When do you wait?

What do you do while waiting?

How does it feel to wait?

Waiting can be annoying or exciting, agonizing, or anticipatory. It all depends on the circumstances.

Advent, which begins on Sunday, December 1, marks the church’s season of waiting. It’s easy with the build-up to Christmas happening all around us to think that the primary waiting we do is in anticipation of the celebration of Christ’s birth. What we often forget is that in the church, we are also waiting for Christ’s triumphant return, for which we do not know the day or the time. So as Christians we are always waiting, not just during the season of Advent.

Our Advent theme this year – What Can’t Wait?* – will help us think about the waiting we do throughout our lives, as well as remind us of the things that we sometimes lose sight of in the midst of our waiting – hope, peace, joy, love. Each Sunday of Advent we’ll explore one of these themes through our worship, through the children’s message, through the scripture texts.

Church isn’t the only place we practice waiting though. To aid you at home, we shared an Advent Calendar in the Quarterly Mailer with simple daily activities to help you practice waiting with your family. On Sunday we’ll also have copies of a daily devotion for you with writings and activities that you can use at home in the month of December. If you don’t have a practice of spending a few minutes in quiet contemplation each day, consider making that part of your activity while you wait this Advent. In whatever way makes sense for you, we hope you’ll use the resources we’re providing to connect your daily life to our Advent theme.

Whenever, wherever, however you wait, may you know that Christ who reigns in the heavens is always present with you in your waiting.

  Pastor Amy

*We’re grateful for for providing the theme and many of the materials that we’re using this Advent.