*Thinks-giving – Thinking About What People Need Year-Around

Oct 27, 2018

Thanksgiving prompts Thinks-giving at BLC.  Thinking about what people need all year is the incentive to provide our partners with long-lasting giving.  Here is this year’s list.  Thinking about where, when, and how we will pick up these items and bring them to church requires more thought than grabbing a can from the pantry to donate.  We will collect items in the Narthex until Sunday, November 23.  Thanks!

*Advent House – paper towels and toilet paper

*Bantu Wazigua Community Center – paper plates (not super cheap ones)

*Resolve – postage stamps

*Learning Links – #2 Ticonderoga pencils, simple four-function calculators (under $5)

*A Meal and More – 135 washcloths

*Women and Children’s center – lotion

NOTE:  If you are a THRIVENT member, consider applying for an Action Team grant now to purchase some of these items!