*Summer Quarterly Forum Recap

Aug 05, 2018

Our second quarterly forum for 2018 was held following services on July 19 and July 22.

–>Council President Rick W. gave an update on the status of goal setting for council.  Goals are broken down into three categories: Stewardship, Leadership Development, and Celebrating our Life Together

–>Andy G. presented an update on the roll-out of Tithe.ly for electronic giving.  About 15% of BLC households are using Tithe.ly.  Additional ways to use Tithe.ly will be rolled out over the next several weeks.

–>Treasurer Alan S. presented an update on the financial position of the church.  We are on track to meet our spending plan of $455,000 in expenses with a $29,896 deficit.  While this is good news, it is tempered by the fact that it was achieved due to lower than budgeted salary expenses and $10,000 in profit from our rental property.

–>Rick W. followed up on the financial overview by pointing out that unless we can increase our receipts, our ability to stay on track to reduce deficits and return to a balanced spending plan is at risk.  He has challenged Church Council to review their financial commitment and Council has overwhelmingly agreed to lead the effort to close our deficit by increasing their financial contributions.  He then asked that all members of the congregation review their financial commitment to BLC and determine if they can help us to reduce our deficit.