*Summer Coverage at BLC

May 26, 2018

This will be our first summer as a fully-staffed Team Ministry at BLC!  Our Team Ministry model maximizes the presence of our leaders during the program year when BLC is most active.  Because our co-pastors are both called part-time, they generally have time away to be used during the summer months.  In preparation, our co-pastors have shared extensive conversation with the other office staff (Beth S. and Katie K.), Mutual Ministry, and the church council officers to ensure that BLC’s ministry needs are appropriately attended to while providing for staff time away.  BLC’s ministry will be staffed throughout the summer months as we all learn the new rhythms and expectations of Team Ministry.

Additional details were shared in the quarterly mailer that went out last week.  If you have questions, please contact a member of the church council or one of our co-pastors.  Council members are Sherry C., John C., Evelyn D., Brian E., Kathy F., Andy G. (vice-president), Margie G. (vice-president), Mike H., Julie O. (secretary), Art W., and Rick Walker (president).