*Summer Coverage at BLC

Jul 08, 2018

Just a reminder about summer coverage at BLC!  Pastor Amy returns from Egypt today and will be in the office regularly for the duration of the summer.  Pastor Hoffman will begin Family Leave next week and return to her usual schedule after Labor Day.  Lori Nickoloff remains with us as a pastoral associate through the end of August, helping to provide additional support in the form of pastoral care and a mid-week Bible study.  The weekly schedule for all staff can be found in the calendar of the Weekly Star, bulletin, and on the church website.

If you have questions, please contact a member of the Church Council or one of our co-Pastors.  Council Members: Sherry C., John C., Brian E., Kathy F., Andy G. (Vice- President), Margie G. (Vice-President), Mike H., Julie O. (Secretary), Art W., and Rick W. (President)