Summer Coverage at BLC

Jun 02, 2018

This will be our first summer of fully-staffed Team Ministry at BLC!  Our Team Ministry model maximizes the presence of our leaders during the program year when BLC is most active.  Because our co-Pastors are both called part-time, they generally have time away to be used during the summer months.  Be assured that BLC’s ministry needs will be fully covered while providing for staff time away.  The weekly calendar (found in the bulletin, star and on the BLC website) will always be the best place to find the current week’s schedule.

The office will remain staffed, 9:00–noon, Monday through Friday, through the end of June.  Through the months of July and August the office will be staffed 9:00-noon, Tuesday through Thursday.  Our Office Manager, Beth Schoenfeld, is generally available at those times.  Pastor Hoffman will provide coverage while Pastor Amy takes time away in Egypt from June 6–July 8.  Pastor Amy will provide coverage while Pastor Hoffman takes time away through the Family Leave Act from July 9-September 2.  Our Director of Faith Formation, Katie Kreutter, will generally work Tuesday through Thursday.  In addition, Lori Nickoloff will serve as a pastoral associate for June, July and August to support the pastoral ministry of the congregation.  She will be in the office Wednesday and Thursday mornings and on-call as needed for pastoral care.