*Stay in the Communication Loop at BLC!

Nov 24, 2018

 As the snow begins to fly this season, we want to make sure you know where to find information about whether the church will be open for such unexpected circumstances in the future.  When we cancel all activities, we use the following methods to get the word out:

–> Notify the local channel of our closing (13wham.com/weather/closings)

–> Send an email using the BLC Congregational Announcements subscription list. (Make sure you’re on it!)

–>Post an update to the BLC Facebook page.  (Now is the time to follow us on FB if you don’t already!)

–> Attempt to directly contact those we know are scheduled to be involved (worship assistants, committees, etc).

–> Update the office voicemail and email auto-reply about the cancelation

–> Put signs on all entries to inform those who might not have received word before their arrival (assuming someone can safely get to the church to do so.)

Lastly, we ask for your help!  If you see the message, share the info.  Not everyone has real-time access and you can help spread the word by contacting those you are closest to!