*Shine Your Light

Oct 01, 2017

We are looking for additional volunteers to help on the planning committee for the 2017 BLC Advent by Candlelight, a ladies’ event offering an opportunity to take pause in the midst of the busy holiday season to enjoy a special worship service with food and fellowship.  There are a few seasoned committee members who are willing to return and participate after their positive experience in 2016, but we are looking for 3-4 more women to share in the planning.  We have access to helpful guidelines and documentation from years past to assist you!

Being on the committee does not require you to host a table (though you’re more than welcome to do both!)  The group will likely meet 3 to 4 times leading up to the event and may have a greater time commitment the week of the event depending on how responsibilities are shared amongst participants.

If this is something you are willing and able to do, please contact the church office ASAP.  The group hopes to set a date for the event by October 8 for planning purposes.