*Search and Call Committee Update – March 12, 2017

Mar 13, 2017

We are close to completing the preliminary interviews and begin the next steps of prayerful discernment and a decision whether to move forward with one candidate.  We also have the option not to select one of the three and go back to Bishop Macholz for more names.  We appreciate the congregation’s support and prayers as we work on behalf of the congregation.

Stay up-to-date on SAC news and progress by visiting the BLC web site (www.blcfairport.org) and finding our page under News.  Please reach out to out to any of us if you have questions:  Bob A. (co-chair), Judy L. (co-chair), Beth G., Ruth S., Laurie P., Paul B., Jeffrey DeV., John S., and Pastor Paul Shoop (pastoral consultant)