*Remember To Wear Your Name Tag!

Aug 19, 2017

A request for all of us to try to remember each week to wear our name tags while at BLC.  If you’re like me, you might have met someone a while back, but haven’t seen them for a few weeks, and when you do, you know you should remember their name, but unfortunately, you don’t always!  Or, they remember you and call you by name, but you can’t remember their’s. In addition, with Pastor Amy now trying to connect ALL of our names with faces, it would be a huge help to her for all of us to wear our name tags.

Tags are displayed basically alphabetically on the hanging board just to the left of the nursery door in narthex.  If you don’t see your name tag or need a replacement, please contact Jim F.  One other request, if you haven’t formally met or been introduced to Pastor Amy, please approach her anytime and introduce yourself, and maybe let her know how long you’ve been part of the BLC family.  Thanks to all!