*Quarterly Forum Recap

Jul 28, 2017

Our 2nd Quarterly Forum was held following services on Sunday, July 16 and Thursday, July 20.  Approximately 20 people were in attendance at each forum.  There were three topics on the Agenda:  1. update on the shared ministry model (Pastors Hoffman and Walter-Peterson); 2. Search and Call status (Bob A./Judy L.); and 3. financial update (Alan S.).

Shared ministry model:  The pastors discussed the ways they have collaborated to date and offered that in the short term there is more overlap in their hours than will be normal once they have firmly implemented the shared ministry model.  The one number to call for pastoral emergencies was reinforced as the way to ensure that you reach a pastor for emergencies.  The pastors are putting the finishing touches on a color-coded calendar that will make it easy for members of the congregation to see who is in the office on which days.

Search and Call status:  While Search and Call is pleased that the call process for a pastor is completed, they are still active and working to fill the Faith Formation position.  They are in the process of finalizing the position description at a level that can then be used as a job posting..  Once that is complete their goal is to be as diligent in their effort to find the right person to fill the Faith Formation role as they were in finding a second pastor.

Financial Update:  Alan reported that while contributions continue to lag projections, this is more than offset by spending that is well below projections.  The reduction in spending is primarily driven by two factors, the timing of adding a second pastor, and spending related to the search process being well below what was budgeted.  Overall the church’s financial position remains solid as we move into our third fiscal quarter.