Projects at Open Door Mission

May 12, 2019

Now that Spring has sprung the Open Door Mission is looking for people interested in assisting with service projects to help spruce up our (3) locations.

Here’s all you have to do: 1 – pick a service project by number; 2 -gather a group of friends; 3 – choose a day and time you’d like to do the project; 4 – contact the Volunteer Office of the Open Door Mission; and 5 – get your project on the calendar.  That’s it…it’s just that simple!

Below is the list of numbered service projects and the contact info for the Volunteer Office of the Open Door Mission. Contact Ms. Shawn Baldwin, Volunteer Services Manager at 585-325-3256 if you would like to assist.

1.  Rake and bag leaves at Coldwater Rd. (6-10 ppl)

2.  Mow lawn weekly at Coldwater Rd. (1 person/per wk)

3.  Plant flowers at Coldwater Rd. (4-6 ppl)

4.  Plant Flowers at Caring Center (6-8 ppl)

5.  Paint back deck at Caring Center (6-8 ppl)

6.  Paint front rail road ties at Caring Center (2 ppl)

7.  Paint basement floor at Caring Center (6-8 ppl)

8.  Paint maintenance shop floor at Caring Center (2-4 ppl)

9.  Paint boiler room floor at Caring Center (2-4 ppl)

10. Paint Courtyard at Crisis Shelter (4-6 ppl)

11. Paint basement stairs at Crisis Shelter (1 person)