*Prison Ministry of Upstate New York (PMUNY)

Jun 10, 2017

PMUNY is a new ministry of Ecumenical Ministries of Perinton (EMP).  PMUNY organizes religious retreats held inside upstate NY prisons (Attica, Auburn, Groveland, Livingston and Wende).  Dave W. recently attended a Hoot at Wende Correctional, a maximum-security prison in Alden, NY.  A Hoot is a special part of a weekend retreat.  Volunteers come into the prison to spend some time with the inmates, just to be there and show them that they matter.  During the Hoot, inmates get up and tell in their own words what the retreat means to them.  After being there for only a few minutes, it was clear to Dave that these inmates are in a very dark place, and these retreats offer them a few hours of light.  They are incredibly grateful for this program.  For more information about this ministry, or if you would like to volunteer for a Hoot, please contact Dave or or visit the website, www.pmuny.org.