*New Sitting Room and Other Space Changes

Feb 16, 2018

As we live into Team Ministry, we’ve been paying attention to what office space will work best for our staff.  In order to allow our staff to collaborate more effectively, Katie K. (Director of Faith Formation) now has a permanent office space across from the Church office near the elevator wing.  The Bishop’s office at BLC is now located in the hallway outside the sanctuary (where our sitting room was previously located).

We have created a new sitting room space (to be enhanced in the coming months) in the first room on the left going from the Sanctuary down the choir room hallway toward the parking lot. Feel free to use that space for quiet meditation, while waiting for musicians to rehearse, etc.  The room is equipped with seating, tissues, and hand sanitizer.  There is a thermostat on the wall and the room will heat quickly; take care to turn it off when you are through there! Please let the church office know if there is anything additional you’d like to see in that space.