New Pastor in Shurugwi

Apr 19, 2014

Our twinned parish in Shurugwi, Zimbabwe has a new pastor!  His name is Reverend Leonard Mavengere, a young, male, and (so Pastor Shumba tells us) energetic pastor.  A letter greeting him and introducing him to our BLC pastors was sent out at the end of March.  A snail mail letter was sent to him on April 8 with some pictures from our trip to 2010 trip to Shurugwi, Zimbabwe.  He has sent return greetings to the congregation of BLC!  See the kiosk for a picture!


Did you know?  Africa is not a country, it is a continent.  Zimbabwe and Zambia are countries in the southern part of Africa.  People in Zimbabwe and Zambia have different cultural heritages just like we have different cultural heritages from folks in other parts of North America.