Mission Focus for June – Inclusivity

Jun 17, 2019

The mission focus for June 2019 is Inclusivity.

“The primary problem is that our identities are too small. We tend to rely most on our smaller, cultural identities and ignore our larger, common identity as members of the body of Christ… Indeed, adopting a common identity is the key to tearing down cultural divisions and working toward reconciliation.” Cleveland, C. (2013). Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the hidden forces that keep us apart. Westmont, IL. InterVarsity Press.

We pray:  Creator, giver and sustainer of life, we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. May you show your children that they are all welcome and perfect in your image, lifting up their differences as gifts. Provide strength to all people who face persecution and oppression because of their lifestyle, sexuality, or orientation. Help us to build a community that allows all people to live their truths by creating spaces that are safe and affirming. Amen