Mission Focus for June – Accompaniment

Jun 06, 2020


What is this word accompaniment? To accompany means to “walk with.” The ELCA, in partnership with other international Lutheran bodies, proposed five accompaniment values to unpack what accompaniment means: Mutuality, Inclusivity, Vulnerability, Empowerment, and Sustainability. For five weeks, this section will explore one in depth.

Empowerment – A commitment to relationships which build one another’s strengths and capacity for God’s mission. To empower means to focus on and celebrate the strengths of another, encouraging and building capacity for what they can contribute to a relationship. A congregation who is just beginning to understand empowerment is defined this way: Participants have identified some of their own strengths and understand some strengths of others in the relationship. Participants have begun to explore how strengths can contribute to the breadth and depth of the relationship. (From the Accompaniment Values Tracker)