*Mid-Week Study Group

Nov 04, 2018

The MId-Week Study Group meets each Wednesday at 9:30 am.  Come anytime your schedule permits!  Starting in November, we will begin a study of the book of Genesis.  All are welcome.  For more information, please contact Kathy M.

The group concluded their study of the Psalms by creating their own psalm paraphrase. Below is a paraphrase of Psalm 23 by group member George F.:

The Lord leads me and provides all my needs.

He gives me peaceful rest, food and refreshment for my body and soul.

He keeps me on the right track.

Even in times of trouble and foreboding, I need not fear because of your presence, protection and guidance and the comfort which that affords.

You provide for me even though enemies threaten.  You elevate me and provide abundantly.

In the light of all this, I trust that your goodness and mercy will sustain me in this life and in the everlasting habitation with you.