*January Quarterly Forum Recap

Jan 27, 2018

On Sunday, January 21, Council hosted our first quarterly forum of 2018. Here are some highlights:

After an opening prayer, the following Council members and their roles were shared:

Rick Walker – President
Margie Gaul – Vice President
Andy Gates – Second Vice President, Special Projects

Julie Owen – Secretary
Sherry Cook – Communication
John Costanza, Mike Higgins – Mission Interpretation

Kathy Forney – CMT Convener
Evelyn DeVoesick, Art Waite – Time and Talent
Brian Edwards – Property

We look forward to a full year of living into our model for team ministry and welcome your involvement.  Feel free to reach out to any member of Council with questions about the life of our congregation.

Based on our treasurer’s update, BLC remains in a strong position financially.  Although we are running a small deficit, this is not unexpected.  As a congregation, we supported a deficit budget for the 2018 fiscal year because we see it as in investment in the growth of our team ministry model.  On a positive note, contributions are ahead as compared to the same time last year.

Although we had planned to host a special congregational meeting to elect candidates for the Synod Assembly, Council did not have a slate of candidates to present.  Those who expressed interest were not able to plan their schedules this far in advance.  We anticipate hosting a special congregational meeting in advance of our next forum, planned in April.  If you are interested in being a representative, feel free to reach out to our co-pastors or past attendees (Beth and Rick W., Sherry C., and Art W.) to get a better idea of the role of our elected representatives.

Pastor Amy shared a brief description of the roles and responsibilities of the co-pastors and the Director of Faith Formation.  It’s important to maintain flexibility so that team ministry can grow and flourish.  Although “growing pains” are to be expected, the opportunities team ministry presents far outweigh the challenges!

As you recall, 2017 presented a unique opportunity to explore worshipping in different ways.  The Worship Committee developed a brief survey to seek feedback from the congregation on “Remember December.”  Over 100 people responded, and the Worship committee is currently sifting through the feedback.  Two takeaways that are important to note:

1. BLC is too large for a single worship service on Sunday.

2. We are committed to organically exploring ways to meet the needs of the congregation.

Hot off the presses!  A Mutual Ministry Committee (MMC) has been appointed.  Bob A., Ruth S., Glenda L., Jim O., Justin E. and Celia T. have agreed to serve.  This committee will work with our co-pastors and the congregation as a whole to ensure the needs of both are “mutually” addressed.

BLC Council is dedicating time to goal setting for 2018 to focus energy in supporting and furthering BLC’s ministry.  We are looking forward to ways we can engage the entire congregation in this conversation.  Please prayerfully consider where you see us living more fully in to our God given purposes.  We’ll have a variety of opportunities to listen for your feedback in the coming months.