Help Needed for Our Sisters and Brothers in Zimbabwe!

Apr 25, 2020

Give a little bit of your love or maybe part of your stimulus check! Two synod wide initiatives to support the church in Zimbabwe are available.

1. Drought and food relief:  Zimbabwe is entering fall and winter after a devastating drought. Many families rely on home gardens which produced nothing. Animals used for food are also starved. People are eating one meal a day or less. Zimbabwe is our global companion and are always in our thoughts and prayers. Funds raised will be administrated by Lutheran Developmental Services, the Zimbabwe arm of Lutheran World Relief.

2. Printing of three faith formation manuals created in southern Africa and printed in native Shona for Sunday School and Confirmation teachers. The Lutheran Communion of Southern Africa (LUCSA) has already paid for the creation and translation of these manuals but has reached out to us as a partner to pay for the printing. The total cost of $5070 is to be raised by the synod.

Contributions can be sent to BLC with “ELCZ Drought Relief” or “ELCZ Printing” on the memo line.