Grace House

Oct 15, 2012

This is a ministry we have strongly supported, both financially and with volunteers, since its beginning 5 years ago.  Approximately 60 percent of the individuals released from prison return to prison.  Grace House has been able to reverse these results with over 60 percent of the residents of the House remaining outside the prison walls to return to fulfilling and spiritual lives.  Unfortunately the state government’s decision to merge The Department of Corrections with the Department of Parole has seriously affected the finances of Grace House.  To date Parole’s payments to Grace House for the support of the residents have been $25,000 less than agreed upon, destroying the cash flow of the House.

The ministry of Grace House remains strong and stable.  They are passionate about what they do knowing that the Lord loves each of the homeless men they serve every day. Through God’s grace and the support of our area congregations they will weather this storm.  Please consider a gift that will enable them to make up the financial shortfall.  If you are able to help make the check to BLC and mark it for Grace House.  Thanks for your support.