The eReaders to Africa Ministry Project Update

Nov 16, 2013

As of October we’ve put 23 Kindles loaded with a selection of theological works as well as eBooks for recreational reading in the hands of ELC Zambia pastors and evangelists.  In addition, three Kindles have been delivered to serve as spares.  Seven more Kindles have been purchased and are being set up for delivery next month.  Another six will be purchased and delivered next year.  We will then have delivered 36 loaded Kindles plus a few spares.  That will complete the initial goal of this project, which was to provide each pastor and evangelist in ELC Zambia a loaded Kindle.

One of the pastors who has shown a keen interest in computers and has proven to be adept at learning the technology, Pastor Lasson Mushani, has agreed to provide continuing administrative support to the in-place Kindles after the current phase is completed.  A Dell Inspiron laptop has been donated to Pastor Mushani to support this administrative work and two unregistered Kindles have been provided by the project to serve as test units as we work with him to develop procedures. 

The second goal of this project is to publish an account of how well the idea of delivering reading materials as eBooks on eReaders has worked as well as any lessons we’ve learned from this experiment.  Work toward this goal is proceeding in the form of periodic updates to an Interim Project Report.  A draft of an article describing the content being loaded on the Kindles has also been written.  Both of these documents are available for viewing on line.  If you have experience with or an interest in publishing an Amazon Single, please see Jim C.

Finally, Pastor Mushani recently ended one of his emails to Jim with the following paragraph in which he’s really addressing all of us:

“Coming to Kindles we thank you people for thinking our Church to benefit on this project.  I’m saying so because almost all pastors in our Church ELCZa we have no library books to prepare a good sermon in Sundays.  So these kindles has helped us a lot to go through other books.  So many pastors are improved in preparing the preachings.  We are so happy with these kindles please continue helpng us. “