Crucial Conversations Recap

May 09, 2020

On Sunday, May 3, a Zoom meeting was held with the congregation to discuss the current COVID-19 situation and concerns associated with returning to physical worship. The group was broken into four different chat rooms. Over 60 BLC members discussed the following four questions regarding how and when to resume worship within our sanctuary:

1.  What considerations will impact your choice to gather for physical worship?

2.  What concerns do you have about the cleanliness and safety of our facility?

3.  What concerns do you have about our worship practices when in-person gatherings resume?

4.  What do you appreciate about livestream and what is challenging for you?

By breaking into smaller groups, we were able to foster deep conversations around these questions. The results of the discussions will be summarized in the May Quarterly Mailer. Many thanks to the BLC members who gave up part of a beautiful day to assist us in this effort!