*Council News

Dec 15, 2018

Thank you to Paul B.

Thanks to Paul B. for his many years of dedicated service as the IT Support at BLC!  His support, coordination, and assistance with all things technology-related through the years have provided BLC with a strong technology foundation. We give thanks to Paul for his faithful service!


IT needs YOU!

Do you have knowledge and experience in the Information Technology (IT) field?  Would you be willing to serve on a short-term work group of people to help define and shape the future of the IT landscape at BLC?  If so, contact the office or talk to Rick W.


Your life.  Your faith.  Your gift to the future.

Our lives are journeys of faith and generosity.  As our faith matures and deepens, so does the way we support God’s work in the world.  In addition to your annual support of Bethlehem, consider thinking about other ways to continue the church’s ministry in Fairport and throughout the world for the future.  Through a simple bequest or by naming BLC as a beneficiary in a life insurance or retirement policy, you can leave a legacy to the church you love for many years to come.  If you need help getting started, please contact Andy G., Council Vice President-Special Projects.