Council Installation

Jan 10, 2020

On Sunday, January 12, we will install Council members for the new year and affirm the leadership of our Core Ministry Team. We give thanks for the ministry of Kathy F. and John C. who have completed their terms as members of Council. We welcome Erik S. and Lisa M., who join Rick W., Julie O., Andy G., Margie G., Sherry C., Kevin D., Brian E., Mike H. and Lisa R. Alan S. continues as our Treasurer and Dave W. as our Financial Secretary, both serving as ex officio members of council.

Our Core Ministry Team (CMT) leaders include Toni T. (Worship), Marcy A. (Grow), Cathy G. (Live), GerryAnn W. (Care) and an open position for the leader of Serve. We give thanks for the ministry Beth W., who continues to work closely with Pastor Amy to lead the Serve ministry. Above all, we give thanks to God for the many talents and willing servants found among this community of faith!