*Bridge Project Update!

Jun 10, 2017

The final donation total for BLC’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters project was $6,707!  We saw, we helped, we did it together! We built our bridge and more, as we easily exceeded our goal.  These donations will go to the ELCA Upstate New York Synod to feed refugees in Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, and Lebanon.

“We pray Gracious God, grant peace among nations.  Cleanse from our own hearts the seeds of strife, greed and envy, harsh misunderstandings and ill will, fear and desire for revenge.  Make us quick to welcome ventures in cooperation among the peoples of the world, so that there may be woven the fabric of a common good too strong to be torn by the evil hands of war.  In the time of opportunity, make us be diligent; and in the time of peril, let not our courage fail; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” (from the Prayer Book for the Armed Services)

Thank you from your Core Ministry Team for supporting this important project!