*BLC Nursery

May 13, 2017

We will be working hard to collect feedback and provide appropriate care for our members and guests in the nursery.  As summer approaches, if you are able to commit to a Sunday or two (only one service starting in June!) to help offer care and provide feedback as we shape the plans for next program year, we would appreciate it!  We have a pressing need for more nursery volunteers to help care for our littlest members and guests, allowing their families to more easily enjoy worship.

Find a partner who you enjoy serving with and we will work to schedule you together!  We encourage the youth to be involved too (though we do request that they are paired with someone over the age of 18).  A great opportunity for intergenerational connections to be formed while serving the needs of our BLC community of faith!  If you are willing and able to participate in nursery coverage, please contact the church office at 223-0634.