BLC Madness! March 28

Mar 01, 2020

March is the month for MADNESS! BLC will have its own MADNESS on Saturday, March 28, 4-8 pm. There will be lots of very different things … MADNESS for all ages along with a very quirky meal! See below for more details…come for part or come for all.

4 pm – MAGIC JOE:  He comes to BLC with high recommendations. Known for his work with children, Magic Joe will fascinate children and amuse the adults. You may even learn a trick or two. 4:00 p.m.

5:45 pm – LINE DANCING:  Ever wished you could line dance, but hated to make a fool of yourself in public? Terri Anderson who teaches line dancing at Perinton Rec Center will lead us in a few routines. Think you’re too old? Come and watch! There are sure to be lots of laughs.

6:30 pm – ANXIOUS FOR SUMMER?:  Whether you have a day, a week or more Lisa Wemett and Terry Mulee will present a wide variety of travel ideas for things to do in the Finger Lakes. And it will be wonderful to see lovely photos of summer! Known for presenting great tours at the library, they will also have handouts for planning your day trip or visit.

See you at the MADNESS!