*Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Demo

Jan 12, 2018

We’ve probably all seen these devices at work, at church, or at another public building somewhere.  But how many of us would be comfortable using one, especially if one of our loved ones lives depended on it?  We will have the opportunity to attend a demo of an AED and all we have to do is remain in our seats at BLC for an additional 20 minutes after 8:30 Worship Service on Sunday, January 28!  Jim B. has secured a demo AED and our own nurse, Lisa R., is planning to show us all how it works.

From approx. 9:40 until 10:00 am, we’ll all become familiar with this life saving device and also have an opportunity to ask any questions.  No need to sign up, just plan on attending.  For Sunday School teachers and children that would like to attend a demo, Lisa will also offer at 10:45 am that same morning, in a classroom to be determined.  If at this 10:45 time, students are interested, please inform your teacher, and if teachers are interested, please inform Marcy A. You may have heard how simple this device is to use, but a quick demo may give you the confidence needed to step up and make a difference if an emergency situation occurs!