*Auditions for the BLC Drama – The Life of Walter Welker

Feb 03, 2018

Auditions for The Life of Walter Welker, a new play written by Jeff and Shelby C., will be held Friday, February 16 at 6 pm and Saturday, February 17 at 9 am at BLC.  A variety of roles are available with opportunities open to any/all skill levels, both on- and offstage.  If you’re interested in helping in any way other than acting (i.e. directing, backstage, props and sets, publicity, etc.) you do not need to come to the audition(s), but please let Jeff know of your interest.  There will also be a sign up available on the LIVE kiosk in the narthex.  Performance dates are tentatively scheduled for April 27- 29. Rehearsal dates will be scheduled based on actor availability.

A description of the play follows:

“The Life of Walter Welker” synopsis

The script revolves around an 89-year-old man, Walter Welker, who, for the most part, lives alone.  He has aides who provide him with 24-hour assistance and companionship.  Walter is a bit of a character and has mild dementia.  Set in modern day, Walter and his assistants are suddenly faced with a difficult situation that requires some challenging decisions.  This is a touching story of a man who still has a lot to offer as he comes to grips with a changing world, family, honesty, and ultimately, his own mortality.

Running Time: Roughly 75 min.; Role Requirement: 6 to 7 players.