Advent 1 – Hope Can’t Wait*

Dec 02, 2019


Someone once told me that hope was naive – a foolish game that children play when they pray that summer won’t end, and bedtime won’t come.

Someone once told me that hope was naive as they cradled pessimism in their lap like a sleeping cat, stroking their ego while they stoked a fire within me.

Unfortunately for them, I am allergic to cats.  And unfortunately for them, those who deny hope will never know vulnerability; for hope requires us to believe in a better day – even when this one is falling apart.

Hope looks the 24-hour news cycle in the face, hope looks our broken relationships in the face, hope looks our low self esteem in the face, and declares at low tide that the water will return.  Hope is exhaling, trusting that your body will inhale again.  Hope is watching the sunset and setting an alarm.  Hope is planting seeds in the winter, assuming summer will come.

I never said it would be easy.  The ground is frozen, you are thirsty, and the night is long.  But I will say this – I have found hope to be the rhythm of love and the fiber of faith; for to hope is to believe in God’s ability to bring about a better day, and like a child with an Advent calendar, I will always be counting down the days.

So to those who cradle pessimism and fear, you can find me outside – with the kids – wishing on stars, praying to the God of today that tomorrow will be just as beautiful.  Set your alarm.  We’d like for you to join us.  The sunrise won’t wait.

*We are grateful for A Sanctified Art LLC, for providing  materials used in our 2019 Advent worship.

Poetry Prayers by Sarah Are; A Sanctified Art LLC (