*Adult Education 2017-18

Sep 09, 2017

BLC’s Adult Education theme for 2017-18 is Living Faith: With a Lutheran Lens.  Over the course of the 2017-18 program year, BLC’s Adult Education class will provide the opportunity for us to wrestle with how to engage the world we live in from a Lutheran perspective.  We’ll also explore ways to better understand and live alongside our neighbors, co-workers, and even our own family members, especially those who may have different religious views than we do.  In addition to drawing on the wisdom and insights of BLC leaders, we hope to hear from leaders of other religious traditions as well over the course of the program year.

We’ll spend much of September and October laying the groundwork for some of the learning and listening we’ll do together and begin to hear from others later in October.  The weekly schedule is subject to change as events emerge, so be sure to check the Weekly Star for updated information.

September 10:  God’s Work.Our Hands day of service

September 17 and 24:  Martin Luther’s writings on how Christians live in and interact with the world.