*100th Anniversary Planning Committee

Dec 08, 2018

BLC will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary on August 7, 2021.  That’s two years and seven months away but it is time to begin preparations!  A planning team consisting of the following BLC members has been formed: Bob S., team lead, Bob A., Donna B., Jim B., Matt B., Vicki B., Sherry C., Jane M., Phyllis S., Celia T., Doug T., Sue T., and Glen Z.

The first official meeting is scheduled for December 11.  The goal for the first year of planning is to establish what activities and events to hold in honor of the anniversary and define a budget to support the celebration.  Once Church Council approves a budget in April 2019, more aggressive planning will take place.  If you have any interest in our church history and the anniversary celebration, please talk to Bob S. or any member of the planning committee.

The planning team will keep the congregation apprised of its activity through the STAR and other means of communication.  Mark your calendars for our anniversary weekend, August 7 and 8, 2021!