100th Anniversary News

May 09, 2020

The 100th Anniversary Planning Team Needs Your Help!

We would like to communicate with past BLC members and friends about our upcoming 100th Anniversary and the scheduled events and activities for the 2021 year. In order to do that we need email and/or mailing address information. (Email is preferred but we will accept either or both.)

If you correspond with past BLC members and friends that have moved or left BLC and they give you permission to share their contact information, we’d appreciate it if you’d email it to Bob S. In return, we will send them 100th Anniversary information so they can be aware of what is planned and when it will occur. That way they can decided if they would like to join us for any or all 100th Anniversary events. Thank you for your help!


Computers Needed!

The Anniversary Planning Team has 9 interactive self-paced computer programs about BLC that they would like to make available for an extended period during the 2021 Anniversary. We have commitments now for 3 computers. We need a loan of another 6 Windows computers (Macs will not work) to display these programs at the church. The idea is, if you’ve replaced your computer recently and haven’t made plans for your old one, could we borrow it from Jan – Oct of 2021? If you have one we could use for a shorter time period, we will work with that too. It will remain at the church and will be returned to you after the anniversary is over in late Oct. If this describes your situation and you’re willing to loan us your computer or you know someone who might be willing to help, please contact Bob S. ASAP.

The BLC interactive self-paced computer programs highlight:


Stained Glass Windows

Tracker Action Pipe Organ

Altar Plaques




Outreach Ministries

Member Interviews