BLC Photo Archive

   Church Hand on Bible Fall Festival 100_6328

How YOU can help with the BLC Photo Archive!

In 2021, Bethlehem Lutheran Church will be celebrating our 100th Anniversary. Although it’s almost 6 years away, we would like to start collecting photos of our past, now, so that we are prepared to use them as part of our celebration. That’s where you come into the picture! We are asking all members of the congregation to take the time to dig through your photo albums or digital photo files and share with us the ones that in any way pertain to BLC. There are multiple ways you can get your photos to us: (we strongly recommend the first two)

  1. Bring your hard copy photos to church. Between services on the 3rd Sunday of every month we will be set up in the fellowship hall to scan your images and return them to you.
  2. Use your computer and follow our handy and easy to use instruction sheet to put your digital images in a repository where our BLC Photo Archive administrator can retrieve them. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on using a free service called FileDropper *CLICK HERE*
  3. Put your digital images on a CD, DVD or Flash Drive and give them to Bob Stock. He will retrieve the images and return your media to you.
  4. Email your smaller photo files to: You may need to send multiple emails to complete sending your small photo files. The total size of all photos added together can’t exceed 10/20MB for an email. Please use option #1 above, to send us photo files that exceed the size limits for email attachments.

Ideally we would like to know the following about each photo:

  • Year/Date
  • Event/Holiday
  • Names of individuals in photograph

We realize there will be considerable effort on your part to make this happen but we are sure the rewards will be great when it comes time to celebrate our 100th anniversary. We are hoping to have some very nice visual presentations for all of us to enjoy!

Please take the time to help us! Remember… a picture is worth a thousand words! If you have any questions contact the church office for more information.

Thanks for your help!